First impressions are very important for getting your home sold. That’s why staging your Minnesota home for sale is so important. When a buyer comes into a home, it’s critical they are impressed with the home, and can see themselves living in it. As a seller, you only get one chance to make that first impression on a buyer.

However, many first-time sellers make the mistake of not staging a home for sale, leaving their own furniture and possessions in it instead of staging it properly. Remember, staging a home for sale is vastly different from interior design. With interior design, you’re creating a space that is fit to your specific preferences, preferences that may not be shared by your potential buyers. Staging a home for sale means making it appeal to the broadest possible range of potential buyers that you can.
Naturally, you might be wondering: “What are the benefits of staging a home for sale?” To help answer this question, we’ve assembled a short list of the benefits of staging a home for sale that will appeal to the largest numbers of buyers when you’re trying to sell it:

Benefit of Staging Your Minnesota Home For Sale #1: Your Home Will Sell Faster

By staging your home for sale, you’re giving buyers a chance to see how they might live there. Creating an attractive first impression in the minds of buyers can get them thinking about making the purchase and moving themselves and their family in there, enticing them to finish the sales process more quickly.

For example, a 27-room home in Wayzata, MN that was staged sold within 30 days. Homes that have not been staged can take months to sell. According to research cited by, the national average is roughly 98 days. When time is an issue, staging the home for sale can be an invaluable step in creating interest quickly.

Benefit of Staging Your Minnesota Home For Sale #2: Your Home Will Sell for More

When a buyer wants to close a deal quickly, they are much less likely to quibble on the price. Not only that, but you are more likely draw in several potential buyers for the home, leading to competitive bids. When there are several buyers who want the same property, you have a stronger position to negotiate from. If one buyer doesn’t want to pay your list price, another one might.

Benefit of Staging Your Minnesota Home For Sale #3: Get Yourself out of the Home

When you stage a home for buyers as opposed to leaving in the decorations you lived with, it can be easier for you to transition out of that property. With your old furniture and other belongings remaining in the property as you sell it, it can be more difficult for you to leave. Not just emotionally, but physically as well.

By packing up your keepsakes and furniture so that only the items that you want to use in the staging of your home are left, you leave yourself with fewer items that need to be packed when the time comes to move to your new residence.

Staging Your Minnesota Home For Sale Experts!

Take advantage of Chazin Interiors’ 25 years of  experience to help you stage your home for sale before putting it on the market. Staging your Minnesota home for sale could be the difference between selling your home fast for the price you want or wondering why you didn’t.